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the crew

Richie and Brenda work hard to create a positive name in the community.  They strive to offer the best customer service in town and they do this by being honest, upfront with cost, and taking the time to work with their customers.

Brenda is what we call a translator.  She takes our "tech talk" and translates it so our customers understand whats going on with their computer, how the process works, and then educates them on how to maintain their computers moving forward.  We feel this is our niche in the computer world.  It is so much more then just fixing a computer; it is creating long lasting friendships and actually being a great resource for our customers.

...even beyond computers.

Friendly, honest computer service.
Brenda Durga - excited to work with you.
Brenda Durga - excited to work with you.
Brenda Durga - excited to work with you.
Brenda Durga - excited to work with you.


Lori is wrapping up her degree at MCC. She amazingly talented both with words images.  She is a witty and outgoing modern nerd that fits right in with our team.

Her motto is: "If it can be done, let it be creative".


Brenda is a graduate of North Muskegon HS. She has a degree in Visual Communications & Project Management.  If you ever have a problem, she is the one to call for a quick fix!

Computer repair blog and tips


Richie has a degree in Computer Programming. He strives to have computers fixed fast and accurately while also studying up on new technologies. 


Anthony is our Intern turned employee.  He just graduated with a degree in Computer Networking Technology.  He is a wonderful asset to the group.

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