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Every computer runs into problems somewhere down the road, and those problems vary from one computer to another. This is one reason we offer free diagnostics on any repair. We can do everything from laptops to desktops, hardware to software and from PC's to Mac's.

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Data Recovery




Computer repair blog and tips

VIrus Removal

Virus Removal - Avast & Malware Bytes

Viruses are a threat to every computer. If your computer is sluggish, running far slower than it used to, you may have a virus. Why be at risk of having data deleted or stolen? We will thoroughly remove any viruses you may have and install the latest anti-virus to help prevent future attacks.

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Data Recovery/Data Backup

​Custom build computers work for almost any budget and to maximize that budget.  If the budget is smaller it is a great way to start and make upgrades as the budget or the interest grows.
We can build custom PC's for home, work, gaming, or design.  

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Hardware and software repair

In the Shop

We offer a variety of residential and small business peer-to-peer or server based network installation and maintenance, focused on network security and productivity in either wired or wireless environments.

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Custom Builds

PC's and Mac's

  • New, Factory Refurbished, Used
  • Desktop/Laptops
  • Routers/Modems
  • Cabels
  • Computer Parts
  • Antenna
  • WiFi Extenders
  • Flash Drives/External Hard Drive
  • Power Supplies
  • Fans

Although Printers are know for their short life-span, we will attempt repairs on other printers as well.  If the printer can not be save at a reasonable price, we will make help recommend a printer that will fit your needs.

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We can often recover data from crashed computers and "dead" hard drives, even ones that other tech shops have declared unrecoverable. If we can't recover any data, there is no charge for the attempt. 

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